Add Breath to Life

Oxycea is an advance hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) system compliant to international standards and regulations for operations and safety. HBOT improves brain, lungs, heart and many other organs functioning in a human body, by increasing oxygen concentration during therapy time. Oxycea is an intuitive and easy to operate machine due to its intelligent control system.

Operating Oxycea

Control and Data Recording

Oxycea has a sophisticated control system, with additional manual controls. It collects all the data during therapy and generates reports in many formats.

Enables operators to tune environment and oxygen flow in the midst of therapy

Oxycea - Control Panel

Monitoring and Analysis

Therapy sessions can be monitored over smart-phones by authorized persons and doctors. Historical data of therapies can also be obtained as reports from Oxycea control system.

In addition to data recording, there is in-built facility for data analysis for quality of therapy and the patients comfort.

Oxycea - Monitoring Mobile Application

Safety Features

Oxycea - Fire Safety

Oxycea is ASME-PVHO (pressure vessel for human occupancy) certified, with many safety features. It has double sensing mechanism for fail-safe of one set of sensors. One button shutdown with automatic slow pressure release. Oxycea does not use any electric wire or connection inside chamber and all communications and lighting are well protected with very high pressure insulation from chamber.

Maintenance and Support

Oxycea provides 24x7 support and maintenance facility. Remote control facility allows engineers to detect faults and resolve remotely.

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