Ultra Low Latency Financial Trading Suite for Arbitrage and High Frequency Trading

— Factotum: A Professional Trading Platform

Factotum is a software suite for all types of professional trading, like algorithmic trading, high frequency trading, portfolio building, hedging. Also popular as CONVEX and NEBULA among professional traders.

— Technology and Coverage

Factotum is a best in class ultra low latency trading platform, with very small binary foot-print. Currently available in variants for some exchanges (NSE-India, BSE-India, MCX-India) across all derivative segments. Aiming to cover other Asian and international exchanges soon.

— Exchanges

NSE-India, BSE-India, MCX

— Segments

Stock, Currency, Commodity Derivatives

— Number Of Professional Traders

Factotum Overview

Factotum Client (Fractal)
Traders interact with the system using Fractal for placing all portfolio orders and managing parameters. It is user friendly with extensive tracking and analysis features.
Risk Management System (RMS)
Factotum RMS, enables the admin to control and monitor all traders activities. RMS is compliant to the requirements of exchanges, and permits the admin to set limits at all levels (system, trader, and/or portfolio)
Factotum Core (Algo Engine)
The algo engine (CORE) is in C with no external dependencies. Has a very efficient order-book management, while receiving several hundred GB data in a day. The wire-to-wire latency of the core is around 1-microsecond.

Factotum is a platform independent suite, which runs on all operating systems (Linux, Windows, Mac). It uses Java and C as the main programming languages, with no external library dependencies.

Trading Strategies

Factotum offers a wide variety of multi-leg strategies for futures and options, having the option of placing IOC multi-leg Orders or Bidding in one leg and covering other legs within microseconds. Also provides a long range of custom strategies for professional trading, like, momentum, market-making, scalping, etc. HFT strategies, along with the benefit of low-latency.

Multi-Leg Strategies
Multi-Leg Strategies

Any combination of 2 to 6 scripts in any ratio

Single click access to most of the popular strategies. User can also create custom strategies as he wishes.

Standard Arbitrage Strategies
Standard Arbitrage Strategies

Pure Arbitrage, Semi-Arbitrage

Options Box-Spread, Conversion-Reversal, Calendar Spread, Butterfly, Straddle-Strangle, and many more.

Special & Custom Strategies
Special & Custom Strategies

Market making, HFT, Basket, Others

Special strategies can also be implemented at low level. This enables lightning fast order placement on exchange.

Connectivity and Placement


factotum - Setup in Exchange Co-location
Exchange Co-location:

Large exchanges allow clients/members to place their servers very near to exchange's "ORDERS MATCHING ENGINE" for low latency. This part of the exchange's data center is called as Co-location or Co-lo in short.

Core is put in a Linux server in exchange's co-location. It is responsible for receiving tick by tick data, executing algorithms, and placing the orders to the exchange matching engine. Core encompasses all data connectivity modules to communication with exchange servers.

RMS can be placed in exchange or member's data-center. RMS communicates to Core over a TCP connection. It is responsible for all required checks, risk management, monitoring, and centralized control.

Client Fractal can login directly to RMS with proper authentication. Traders can access client from their working place over secure channel. It uses TCP connection to connect to the RMS.

Factotum Services

All co-location management services for BSE and NSE.

Configuring hardware and optimizing network for low latency.

Developing client's proprietary strategies.