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Cogmac is a research-lab developing innovative software suites and robotics machines, and searching intelligent ways of design and programming. With engineers passionately working in all engineering fields from mechatronics to computer science, we aspire to develop cutting edge solutions touching every aspect of life. Cogmac has state of the art facility for mechanical design & development, electronic circuit design, control systems, and all types of software.

At Cogmac, we firmly believe that collaboration increases prospects of a successful development in all regards. Therefore, we actively seek for collaborations with business houses as well as technology companies.


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Fintech: Algo-Trading

Ultra low latency software suite for algorithmic and high frequency trading which runs in co-location on TBT data.  Check Details

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Healthcare: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

PVHO compliant machine for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy having multiple safety mechanisms. Available in mono and multi occupancies. Check Details

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F&B: Precision Bartending Machine

An Intelligent Cocktail and Mocktail machine having precision of less than 2ml. Brewmac also gives perfomance knowledge and customer analytics with efficient Cloud Technologies.  Check Details

Research and Development

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IGL: Intelligent Graphical Language

An Intelligent intermediate programming language which balances graphical and text content to capture the understanding of the software architect. It then writes and optimise the code from scratch in multiple low level languages.
It enables programmers to maintain and access codes multiple times faster than traditional languages.

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Desi Chai Machine

World's First Desi Chai machine (patent pending) which makes traditional desi chai with consistent taste of any pre-programmed or custom recipes. It can perform aall the necessary functions like boiling water, milk, tea leaves and other ingredients together.

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ARMS: Autonomous Robotic Multilegged Spider

A spider inspired autonomous robot which can walk on narrow paths, small peaks and climb to high altitudes. It has 18 degrees of freedom with laod capacity in access of 50kg. Equipped with collaborative intelligence, obstacle avoidance, man-following and other intelligent capabilities.

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All terrain unmanned ground vehicle with load carrying capacity of 100kg. It is an intellegent, autonomous driving vehicle which can also be remotely operated. Rohak is equipped with multiple sensors and has many intelligent features like obstacle avoidance, collision safety, friend-foe detection etc.

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A lighter version of Oxygen therapy in which a user can set desired temperature and oxygen level. It can be used in one of the many mores available on the tablet controlled panels.

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An IOT technology which allows scalabilty and customisation through auto programming.