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Cogmac is a research-lab developing innovative software suites and robotics machines, and searching intelligent ways of design and programming. With engineers passionately working in all engineering fields from mechatronics to computer science, we aspire to develop cutting edge solutions touching every aspect of life. Cogmac has state of the art facility for mechanical design & development, electronic circuit design, control systems, and all types of software.

At Cogmac, we firmly believe that collaboration increases prospects of a successful development in all regards. Therefore, we actively seek for collaborations with business houses as well as technology companies.

What we do

Robotics Machinery

Intelligent Software Platforms

Control System Design

Language Technologies

Data Analytics

IoT Solutions

Financial Technologies

Featured Products

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Oxycea: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
Oxycea: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Oxycea is a HBOT solution following international standards and guidelines. Oxygen Therapy cures and prevents many diseases.

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Brewmac: Intelligent Bartending Machine
BrewMac: Intelligent Bar-tending Machine

An Intelligent bar-tending machine with very high precision (~1 ml) and extremely fast dispensation (3-5 secs.).

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Factotum: Algorithmic Trading Platform
Factotum: Algorithmic Trading Platform

An ultra latency trading platform for all types of professional trading. A prime player in Institutional trading used by large brokerage firms.

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